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Promoting Social Equity
Terizina Community Foundation
We increase the capacity of communities to influence outcomes.


Terizina community foundation was established to work through a collection of individual funds and resources given by local and international individuals to enhance and support the quality of lives in communities that are most in need. We are a tax-exempt charity that works through innovative ways to enhance the quality of life of disadvantaged communities. We deliver on our mandate through inviting various individuals and establishments to contribute to community programs and initiatives through gifts and bequests, and establishing permanent endowment funds under the umbrella of Terizina Community foundation. We source funding largely from individual donations and partially from group donations.

We distribute your donations to the local communities in the form of health outreaches, infrastructure development, gifts, grants, scholarships, infrastructural developments, research, and various other means of community impact aimed at addressing the needs of vulnerable communities and creating social development opportunities.


We establish infrastructure as Servo Medical School that suports community health service delivery development. That way we guarantee the quality of health services in the community.


We put great emphasis on SDG3 which calls for  Good Health & Wellbeing. We acknowledge that everyone has the right to live a healthy and fulfilling life. We believe that a healthy body nurtures a wealthy economy.


We support initiatives aligning with SDGs 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,10,13,15,16 and 17. We however have greater emphasis on SDGs dealing with Poverty, Hunger, Health & Wellbeing, Education, Climate, and Peace,Justice & Strong Institutions.


We support the Health of People & Animals in the community, through our outreach initiative; we reach out to communities providing health care & education services to people and animals.

Terizina Community Foundation was established to provide simple, flexible, and effective ways that create permanent solutions to societal challenges. We work with individual and institutional donors to help achieve our personal, financial, and philanthropic goals and to establish endowments for a variety of purposes.

Increasing Community Capacity to Shape Outcomes
As part of Terizina Community Foundation culture, we developed measures organized through our action framework to Increase community capacity to shape outcomes by building a sense of community, nurturing social support, advocacy, and volunteer engagement.

How We Do It
We organize and make efforts that are directed to aspects of community capacity building such as leadership development, community organizing, rural organizational development, and fostering collaborative relations among organizations.

Fostering Multi-Sector Collaboration
Our culture of health metrics fosters a multi-sector collaboration with local and international health departments, organizations and individuals; we identify opportunities to improve health for youth in schools; business support for workplace health culture; encouraging corporate giving; advocacy for equitable federal allocations on health, investments for nutrition, physical activity; community relations and policing; climate adaptation and mitigation; and health in all policies.
Adopting & Developing Logic Models & Theories of Change
We engage communities, develop community interventions, and run projects addressing social equity. To maximize the likelihood of project success and learning, we work with individuals, groups, and organizations pursuing any social work with us and follow a framework that guides our strategies and activities.This framework involves identifying activities, specifying timelines, and measuring progress. We work through a logic model and theory of change where we nurture individuals and members of communities to further impact other peoples lives, that way we create a value chain of community impact.
Using Civil Rights Law to Promote Social Equity
Terizina is a civil rights advocate, to that end; we support community-based solutions to promote health, law, equity, equity, policy and livelihood as integral parts of civil rights’ and community. We do not encourage partisan coercion into civil rights activism and are thus dedicated to free activism that wholesomely aims at transforming social livelihood and wellbeing.


There are three important ways through which you may consider giving at Terizina Community Foundation, they are;
Donate to an Existing Fund/Project.

Establish your own CSR (corporate social responsibility) fund through Terizina Community Foundation

and or


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