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COVID19 Resources

TCF Impacts Gulu Local Community with COVID19 Informatics, Mask Distributions and Sensitization on Rights.
Domestic Violence During COVID19
Evidence of the full scope of impact of COVID19 on violence against women, domestic abuse and sexual violence (VAWDASV) in the UK remains at an early stage and mostly comes on case by case basis reports from individual VAWADSV victims as encountered by Terizina.
COVID19 Symptoms
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COVID19 in your Environment
Download your PDF poster about COVID19 in your Environment
COVID19 in the Workplace
Download the COVID19 in the Workplace, the Dos and Donts poster.
School Sports Guide for COVID19
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Society and COVID
Download your community guide to COVID19 Management
Stop COVID19 for your Family and Friends
Download the Stop COVID19 for your Family and Friends Poster here.
What Does Your COVID19 Test Mean
Download your Poster to Understand What Your COVID19 Test Means.
Young People & COVID19
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Recommendations for COVID19 Management
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How to Reduce the Spread of COVID19
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Youth, Sports and COVID19
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If an abuser is spending more time in the home with more access to family members and children, the risk of increase forms of abuse become severe and the potential increase in the number of children witnessing abuse or being abused.

The diversity of abuse will culminate into;

  • Isolation of a partner from family and friends
  • Exertion of unreasonable requests and demands from partners or family members
  • Criticisms of partners parenting
  • Abuse of Children
  • Financial Suppression
  • Isolation of elderly persons
  • Raging Feats of Anger
  • Prevention of a partner from working or thereby forcing them to work exploitatively
Our efforts during the pre and post COVID19 outbreak have been as follows;

  • Providing accomodation to VAWDASV in the UK;
  • We have also helped council victims and encouraged them to choose safety over anything else. COVID VAWDASV victims have been offered temporary accomodation to allow them a chance to safety as they mitigate solutions at home.
  • We also offered accomodation to released prisoners during the COVID outbreak who had no where homeless with no where to stay.
From the onset of 30th Jan, 2020 when the World Health Organisation declared the outbreak of the deadly Corona Virus a pandemic and a public emergency of international concern. The Uganda government reacted fast by establishing a 3 months long general lockdown on 30th March for the entire country and by this declaring various restrictions including restricted movements and promoted social distancing. Uganda consequently confirmed its first case of the SarsCov2 virus on March 22, and the numbers have risen since then including some deaths. However, the lockdown and the ensuing restrictions have had unprecedented impact on the livelihoods of Ugandans. The case of domestic violence in Uganda has registered severe challenges as there has been a hike in domestic violence with a series of deaths recorded as a result.

Terizina Community Foundation has stepped up to this peripheral epidemic of domestic violence to help salvage sanity in homes and see to it that people live safe and happy lives. We have embarked on community sensitizations that are based on the guidelines as set out by world health organization. Click here to see guidelines. We have gone further to offer asylum and counselling to people that have been affected by domestic violence.

The government of Uganda has taken many strides in managing the COVID virus including setting up government owned textile production plants to make masks. This has led to the mass distribution of masks countrywide helping a vast population of Ugandans get acess to masks which cost a minimum of 2000 Uganda shillings ($.54 US dollars). This might seem cheap but it is actually not affordable to 21.4% Ugandans who live below the poverty line, and to about 7% unemployed youths who are fit to work, and 85% of young people that are below 18 years.

Terizina Community Foundation has labored to distribute masks to various people in the Gulu community as masks from the government fell short on supply. As students get back to school, we have also ensured that we give masks to schools to supply to students to ensure that they are enabled to attend school while observing the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) set up by the Ministry of Health of the Uganda government.

COVID19 has revealed a huge gap in communication. Infact some people have called it an "infodemic", we have made initiative to print sensiitization information posters to help communities do what is required to avert the COVID pandemic. We intend to make posters in the loal languages of the North to help the local community understand how to protectively arm themselves better.

Download Your Poster here by clicking ontop of any picture to download a PDF poster. You can also print or share this page with friends, family and or workmates using our social media buttons on the left of this page. Just click on your social media of choice.


COVID19 is not a religious phenomenon, its not an enigma, it is a virus - a virus which can kill you and me, before anything endeavour to get yourself vaccinated, but if you are not vaccinated ensure to wear a mask so that you can ably protect anyone around you and them from spreading the virus or even die.

It takes more than 1 person to stop and end the cycle of this virus, soon we shall relieve our good old days if everyone takes a part in the effort by doing their part.

Finally, help us support former convicts by donating towards giving them a home, you can do this through Direct Debits, Standing Orders etc. This could go a long in preventing repetitive crime by allowing former convicts desist from engaging in crime again due to lack of companionship, shelter, food among others.
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