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How To Give

About Giving
There are three important ways through which you may consider giving at Terizina Community Foundation, they are;
Establish your own CSR (corporate social responsibility) fund through Terizina Community Foundation and or
Make a Current Giving/Bequest
At Terizina community foundation, we offer each donor and volunteer a unique experience that is tailored to suit your situation and goals
We work with you to help you invest in communities. If your goal is to give generally to the most pressing needs of a community, focus on a particular cause, or provide support for a specific non-profit or project,Terizina Community Foundation can help.
You may contribute to an existing fund or establish your own unique fund based on your personal charitable or corporate social responsibility goals.
To give to an existing fund; you may do this in the following ways.
You may make a contribution with a cheque, credit card, stocks, or other assets. You may also make a contribution online here or through this link on global giving.

Terizina Community Foundation establishes a special CSR fund in your company name, in the name of your family or business, or in honor or memory of any person or organization you choose. You may make contributions of cash, appreciated stocks, real estate, asset disposals or other tangible assets.
Your fund can be established as an endowment (bequest, legacy, award, grant, benefaction, gift, talent) that will generate grants or scholarships in perpetuity to other projects, or as a non-permanent (one-off) gift, and or a donor-advised gift enabling you to make contributions as often as you like in various possible ways as avenues arise.

Your endowment funds are carefully invested in a diverse portfolio of stocks, bonds, real estate properties, companies etc. to generate earnings that will be a permanent source of community capital, helping to continue your good work forever.

Non-permanent (one-off), and or donor-advised funds are invested in more easily liquidated investments so the funds are available when you are equipped to suggest contributions. Alternately, with prior inquiry from you; we capitalize your non-permanent donation in a running or existing project of Terizina Community Foundation. You can recommend an area or Project you'd like your gift to support, or rely on Terizina Community Foundation's experienced program staff to support by making recommendations to help discourse the areas of greatest need in any community. We issue grants and scholarships in your name and or, if you prefer, grants and scholarships can be made anonymously. Connect to Global Giving

One of the decisions you will consider is the timing of your gift. Gifts made during your lifetime can be initiated at any time you are ready to make a contribution. You can play an active role in directing your gift toward specific projects or causes and you will be able to see the results of your gifts in the community
Bequests are made through wills or trusts after death. You can leave your entire estate, a specific amount, or a percentage of your estate to Terizina Community Foundation, which grants us a stake of your ownership after death. This is an especially attractive way to establish a family and or company legacy in and on the community while minimizing government imposed taxes. You may direct bequests to an area of interest or to a specific project. Rather than writing specific bequests to several charities, you may prefer to create a single fund where we can distribute this further, or add your estate to an existing fund here at Terizina Community Foundation. We are bound by law to carry out our donors' charitable interests in perpetuity, acting as steward for the funds and ensuring that the recipients continue to be viable entities
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