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How We Work

Servo Medical School
Nursing | Clinicians | Dentistry | Lab Technologists | Pharmacology

We have built a medical school in Gulu district, Uganda; the school will provide training in medical courses such as Nursing, Clinicians, Dentistry, Lab Technicians, and Pharmacology. The school was launched in September, 2019 with a medical camp undertaken. The medical camp saw to it that persons with malaria were tested and treated whereas others that were diagnosed with other diseases were referred to other hospitals and pharmaceuticals with medical instructions, all the above were offered free of charge. We continue to make similar health outreaches to the benefit of the communities we reach out to. Our medical school known as Servo Medical School will help contribute to boosting the health service in Gulu community area by nurturing more health service providers who will help cover the shortage of health service providers in the greater northern Uganda region.
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Donate to support the education of disadvantaged students
Health Programs
Terizina Community Foundation through its health programs provides all round comprehensive medical services to the communities of northern Uganda and many other neighboring places. On completion of the medical school construction, we will set up a medical facility that will help extend health services to the entire Gulu community area.

Additionally, we provide services such as; and diagnostics, Dental treatment and procedures, Maternity services, Admissions, child care and pediatrics, pharmacology and dispensing, Laboratory services, HIV/AIDS and Sickle Cell Anemia care and management etc.

We provide free health care through health camps and in the same light provide subsidized health services to the most mostly women, children and teenage mothers.
Members turning up for the Terizina Community Foundation medical camp
Lucy Olanya the Director Terizina Community Foundation facilitating the medical camp
Donate to provide Medical facilities at Terizina Community Foundation
Donate to provide Medical facilities for Servo Medical School
Community Health Care

We care about children's health and to this end, we provide quality health care to children in schools. We also intend to have a specialized children’s clinic at the Terizina Health Center. We provide child dental services, Laboratory services, children clinical procedures and so many others.

Your donation to this program will help us reach many more children in need of quality health care. One of the ways you can support the children’s clinic is through donating to the payment of salaries for pediatric specialists, machinery, beds etc.

Donate to make a difference in Health Servicr delivery for the greater northern Uganda
Donate to Servo Medical School
Servo Medical School will help contribute to boosting the health service in Gulu community area by nurturing more health service providers
Servo Medical School will help contribute to boosting the health service in Gulu community area by nurturing more health service providers
GET INVOLVED - Volunteer
How we Invest in People
We are a community foundation, a tax-exempt public charity that enables people like you engage in communities and impact the lives of people living in challenge or disenfranchisement. Your involvement with Terizina Community Foundation is greatly valued as it adds up to building and pursuing our goal to transform lives of people in communities. However, to corporate entities, donating to Terizina will help you reduce your tax profile, we understand that many companies are affected by Tax, and by that we know that through charity you can reduce your tax margins, this is where we come in to work as partners with you. Talk to us, to explain more on this.
We source for volunteers to help facilitate Terizina Community Foundation
Change Makers Volunteers (CMV)
Terizina community foundation formed the Change Makers Volunteers intiative based on a model seeing to it that young people all over the world are engaged in civic development, leadership, community support, and grant-sourcing programs amongst others.

Who are the Change Maker Volunteers
The Change Maker Volunteers initiative aims to address the needs and concerns of young people from a youth perspective. Each year, the Change Makers Volunteers Initiative will mobilize volunteers to be placed in various community engaging programs focused on solving the challenges in the communities that Terizina engages. Grants sourced by the Change Makers Volunteers are invested into youth, women, teenage mothers and children's empowering programs. Whereas voluteers will be mobilized to team up and manage these programs. Terizina will source for volunteers support grants for community impact and also ask volunteers to contribute to their involvement in our programs, that way we get to impact society together. CMVs are very valuable to us and to our programs as they bring to Terizina a wealth of skills, ideas, and social transformation. Donate to support the Change Maker Volunteers initiative

Through Servo Medical School we go deep into addressing the health concerns of youths, girls, teenage mothers and children.

We are currently building a medical school to help nurture more health service providers especially for rural communities that are faced with scarcity or lack of access to affordable health care. Our model is such that as we build a medical school, we want to further build peripheral medical facilities that will extend medical services to the rural disadvantaged poor especially women, teenage mothers, children and youths. That way our students will have ready employment that awaits them, they can earn an income and make a living, and while they do that they will create an opportunity for another student to get a scholarship, we are building a value chain that will see us provide scholarships and in the same way provide employment that will empower our students and enable them empower another student in need.

We believe that when we build a value chain such as mentioned above we will create sustainability as we address the challenges that communities face.
Through BTVET, we are equiping young people with skills, school dropouts, young mothers, and young people affected or infected by HIV/AIDS. We work with local community leaders and undergo a rigorous assessment of beneficiaries who are equipped with skills such as plumbing, welding works, carpentry, tailoring, building construction and practice, business management training, cartering services and practical computer training. We provide start up tools to all our students to give them a quick start in life by providing them with tools such as computers, welding machines and metal hardware, plumbing tools, carpentry tools and wood, sewing machines, construction tools and construction jobs liaison, cartering service jobs liaison among others. This along with office or working space to enable our students start work immediately.

We engage our students through rigorous training to churn out the right fit. We ensure that our students are ready to face the world of work and that they can be very productive when they leave the class to go out to the world of work. We nevertheless equally want to keep students in schools and reduce the school drop out rate.

At Terizina Community Foundation, we value 'informed reaction' which is why research is very much a part of us. In all engagements we partake; we ensure to add value through research and innovation. If we are doing tailoring, we definitely want to involve research so as to be informed on how we can make the best tailored jobs. We work with individuals, sector leaders, key respondents and every other stakeholder to make inquest on subjects of interest so as to arrive to new ideas and ways of doing things for everything we do.

TCF research is the life blood of the foundation as it feeds the entire value chain productivity!

Through TCF Outreach, we work with a network of organizations which include local leaderships, schools, communities and all like parties to deliver social impact for development.

We engage our outreach through working with community organizations with an identified social problem. i.e. There are rural schools with high school drop out rates; we work with such schools to identify the challenges that lead to the increasing dropout rates and work with them to find a potential solution to the problem.
Under advocacy we ensure to brainstorm on the gaps that exist to socities' problems and move a step further to establishing possible solutions to the the existent challenges to impact on social development. We write policies, draft bills, develop proposals, write business plans etc that impact social change. We further advocate for human rights and pursue the achievement of the standard development goals.

We engage utmostly on the following SDGs, they include; ensuring that there's no poverty, there is zero hunger, that there is good health and wellbeing, that there's quality education, those are our central focus SDGs at Terizina Community Foundation. However, we venture into realization of all other SDGs from time to time.

Through Performing Arts, we are encouraging young people; girls, teenage mothers develop a sense of purpose by helping them tap into their untapped talent. We want to create a global movement of performers who recognize culture and traditions as a resource to personal development, success and wealth. We acknowledge that with the right training we can create international stars in diffierent rights.

We believe their is talent that is hidden in many young people, most of these being school dropouts, some of whom can sing, speak creatively, dance, act and do so many other things that may be in-born or nurtured, we want to give them an opportunity to perform and create an act, a generation of potential stars who probably thought that their journey in life was condensed to suffering and failure. We want to work with individuals who can take a leap and believe in themselves and equally inspire those who do not believe in themselves, we want to work with them through various projects and programmes to build the aplha personality in them such that they get to believe that they can make it in life and that the people that are iconic, those that they idolize, and the heroes they look up to, equally journeyed through tough times. We work with local celebrities, leaders, significant persons and persons of repute to share their experiences as guest teachers/presenters to the upcoming talent in our charge.

We work with various personalities on the premise that when we get to make a star, a business leader, a great citizen out of them, and they start to earn and make an income out of the skills we equip them, they will too give back to others and TCF will sustainably nurture more talent and change the lives of many more.

SASI addresses ten avenues for social transformation of students. The program is entrenched in the education sector which sees a vast number of student dropouts in rural schools. Rural students encounter various diversions and challenges which lead them into dropping out of school eventually. We have identified these avenues as setting the course of action in our community transformation efforts geared towards adressing the challenges that are enshrined in the community where students are unsafe. They are as below;

  1. We want to ensure that rural children enter kindergarten ready to succeed in school by supporting schools establish facilities that ignite a learning mind.
  2. We want to instigate environments where students improve academic performance and are proficient in core subjects
  3. We want to ensure that students successfully transition from elementary to middle high school (O level)
  4. We want to see that students graduate from high school
  5. We want to see to it that students earn a college degree or a technical training certification (BTVET)
  6. We want to that students are healthy and their educational performance improves as we facilitate access to aligned learning and enrichment activities
  7. Most of all, we want students to feel safe at school and in their community
  8. We want to see to it that students live in stable communities
  9. We want to ensure that families and community members support learning collaborations in rural schools; and
  10. We want students to ultimately have access to 21st-century learning tools

Our study shows that 98% of rural school going children have not had the opportunity to see the inside of a nursery school, more still; nursery school has been found to nurture brilliance in children and or dullness where a child encounters an unprofessional teacher. We want to see to it that the literacy levels of infants that are being introduced to school are nurtured from nursery school and that children get the right to be children and most of all that they get the right to play as nursery school going children and further see to it that teachers get the requisite skills to raise a child without damaging their cognitive abilities which they rather set out to enhance.

We believe that when the cognitive skills of any child are nurtured at an early stage, a child is given an early start in life which will grow with them and make them great citizens of the future. When a child is properly nurtured at nursery level, they transition with brilliance through to college or university if they choose to go that far. We want to see to it that we facilitate learning that will see a greater majority of rural community children 'go to school, stay in school, love to school' and eventually become the best of successful citizens.

There is a great deal of homesteads that own dogs, many of these dogs are not vaccinated and pose a social security risk. Almost 95% of homes that own dogs in the Gulu area do not cage their dogs, this makes anyone and everyone a target of rabid dogs. Whereas, many homes own livestock and poultry in the communities we engage, they have lost some of the animals to disease infestations, we have ventured into helping communities save their animals through Veterinary Aid and care from volunteers. Support us develop animal asylums and shelters.

Homes depend on livestock such as chicken, and cattle which they rear on a free range system. Many homes lose their livestock due to lack of access to veterinary services, through our outreach programs we want to equally see to it that we impact the lives of people in communities by helping them keep their livestock alive and multiplying. We want to do this by providing veterinary extension services as well as livestock management advisory services offered to the community free of charge.

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